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Diesel Bug Busters Australia

DIY diesel fuel polishing by renting our DIY state of the art Diesel Fuel Polishing contaminant and water removal machine for maximum boat performance.

Diesel fuel polishing companies give you a run around and blow smoke up your exhaust and will tell you that you need their $20K machine, that’s what they cost yes)…. like ours BUT if you are able to follow simple instructions and read we will have you polishing your own fuel in under 20 minutes.

We deliver (Presently only Gold and Sunshine coasts and Brisbane but we are opening nationally and looking for licensees), we instruct and we explain it.

Its simple and I started this business due to being tired of being ripped off after a lifetime of boating. The Diesel Fuel Polishing Machine will only do Diesel fuel and any other fuels are prohibited, disclosure to be signed.

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