Awlgrip®, the renowned yacht brand under AkzoNobel, introduces a revolutionary 3D Color Visualizer on its website

The innovative and industry leading tool is designed to empower boaters and applicators by simplifying their journey to find the perfect color for their boat.

Boat owners, applicators, boatyards, and builders now have at their fingertips a cutting edge 3D Color Visualizer, offering instant access to tens of thousands of colors from the extensive Awlgrip color database.

Whether it’s a sailboat, sportfish, cruising powerboat, or a superyacht, users can select their vessel type and explore various color options for the hull sides, deck, cabin, boot stripe, and including the fouling control solution for their region.

Through AkzoNobel’s expertise in color and utilizing unique algorithms, boaters are now able to gain a visual representation of what their boat could look like in a 3D virtual environment, then download their project scheme to discuss with their retailer or client.

Unlike traditional ‘flat’ panels, the user can manipulate the virtual boat to view colors from different angles, providing a lifelike impression of how complex curves and angles will appear.

Jemma Lampkin, Commercial Director of AkzoNobel Yacht Coatings, emphasizes that this tool reflects AkzoNobel’s commitment to enriching the customer’s experience when it comes to the important and often emotive subject of color.

She said: “This technology development is a testament to the digital innovation and passion that AkzoNobel and our yacht team strive to deliver to boaters and professionals every day. We are truly excited to better assist our boaters and applicators in simplifying their journey towards finding the perfect color and Awlgrip topcoat for their boats.”

Lampkin added: “Our customers want to find the right color to make the boat look its best on the water. That’s why we’ve developed this industry-first solution to inspire them to make that choice of painting their boats easier.”

Matthew Anzardo, Global Segment Manager of AkzoNobel’s Yacht Coatings, said: “The introduction of our innovative 3D Color Visualizator signifies another step in the way we use digital technology to support our customer experience. Extensive data analytics, investment in our color portfolio and capability while adapting new trends and technology are key foundations which help us stand out when it comes to color selection and performance in the boating industry.

“This is a 3D tool to help boaters gain a realistic representation of what their boat could look like, which is an important first step. Nonetheless, we still suggest working with your Awlgrip applicator to ensure that the color choice is right for you.”

Find your perfect color with the all new 3D Color Visualizer at