Tom Robinson is a 24 year old adventurer and boatbuilder from Brisbane, Australia.

In 2022 Tom set off from Peru, in a boat he designed and built, on his most ambitious adventure yet – to become the youngest person ever to row the Pacific Ocean. For the next 14 months Tom experienced the highs and lows of extreme adventure, facing many challenges along the way. He spent a total of 265 days at sea in complete isolation, as well as many months living in harmony with the inhabitants of the remote islands he visited. The journey ended in a dramatic rescue off Vanuatu – Tom survived to tell the tale, break a world record, and share his story with you …

It is a pleasure and an honour to announce that I am officially the youngest person to row the Pacific Ocean. A record ratified by the Ocean Rowing Society and Guinness World Records.

A few weeks ago I received a package via the Royal Mail UK. “DO NOT BEND”. I opened it to discover a certificate from Guinness World Records. This was not a total surprise, as the Ocean Rowing Society had been in contact with me previously, but nonetheless is was a delightful letter to receive and a fitting end to a Grand Adventure.

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