Red Paddle Co, the global company that has set the world standard for inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP) since 2008, announces an evolution of its product line for the year ahead. Five newly designed high-performance inflatable SUPs join their range, four of them in ground-breaking new MSL®800 double- drop-stitch construction for increased stiffness at reduced weight.

New to the Red 2024 Range: Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport+

The reimagined 12’6″ Sport+ captures Red’s spirit of adventure. Designed for progressive paddlers and longer routes, this 30″ cruiser is built in new superlight, ultra-stiff MSL®800 double-drop-stitch material. Just 4.7″ thick, the 12’6″ Sport+ sits low to the water for maximum balance and minimum windage. A sleek planshape combined with patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) battens and hard-release Speed Tail means every stroke goes further, faster.

Red Paddle Co 14’0″ Sport+

A racy new addition to Red’s crossover range, the 14’0″ Sport+ offers long-distance touring and race- ready performance in a user-friendly shape. MSL®800 double-drop-stitch construction saves 2kg of weight, paired with patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) battens for solid stiffness. At 28″ wide with a Speed Tail for sharp water release, this pacey tourer offers exceptional tracking and glide – ideal for extending adventures and breaking personal bests.

Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Elite

The fully redesigned 12’6″ Elite is an unapologetically fast yet amazingly stable raceboard. At just 25″ wide it’s certainly built for speed, yet with a width extending into the tail it’s reassuringly well- balanced underfoot, particularly in chop or around turns. MSL®800 construction produces a remarkably rigid board – eliminating the need for an FFC nose-rod. RSS battens are plenty for hardboard-stiffness, making it a superlight yet uncomplicated race machine.

Red Paddle Co 14’0″ Elite

Red’s fully redesigned 14’0″ Elite is a true thoroughbred raceboard. Built for optimum performance in new super-light, ultra-stiff MSL®800 double-drop-stitch material with RSS battens plus FFC nose- rod to lock in rigidity. Weighing less than 10kg, it’s a real contender across all disciplines – technical to long-distance, flat- water to surf-racing. 26″ of width combines high speed with full-power stability, while long, drawn-out rails offer amazing distance per stroke.

Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Wild

The all-new 9’6″ Wild is an all-out white-water board for experienced river-riders to take on technical rapids. This agile shape is built to manoeuvre swiftly and confidently through the most demanding fast-flowing water conditions. Pronounced nose rocker helps navigate the fiercest river features, while 34″ of width and 280L of volume provide a solid ride. Built resilient and reinforced in MSL® drop-stitch with robust 4.6″ twin US box river fins.


At the heart of four of the five new boards, MSL®800 is Red’s innovative new double-drop-stitch material. Lightening performance for longer boards, it was developed exclusively by Red Paddle Co for the new Elite and Sport+ shapes. A super-fine surface weave minimises the inner layer of PVC required while maintaining the same exterior laminate making it just as durable.

Red’s Head of Design, Phil Hawthorne said: “It’s been five years in development – at first our production team said it couldn’t be done. But that’s why having our own private manufacturing facility is so important. We could work out what was possible, test and revise many generations of prototypes, adapt processes and systems to overcome the challenges, and finally make it happen!”

Board Only Packages

Aligning with their sustainability and B Corp ( principles of not wasting resources, Red Paddle Co now offers ‘board only’ options – excluding paddle, bag and pump from the complete package. More experienced customers can now upgrade their board without also buying potentially surplus kit if they already have a Titan pump and All-Terrain Backpack, saving money on the purchase and being kinder to our planet.


Media can try out these new shapes on the water from now, you’re welcome to join one of our SUP experts for a guided SUP, or borrow a board for yourself. If you’re keen to hear more from land, we’d love to invite you into the Red Paddle Co HQ in Alexandria, Sydney.


The five new boards launched on 7th November 2023 – with limited stock on the Red Equipment website and arriving at select retailers throughout the month. To be first to hear when stock is on general release, register your interest via

To learn more about the new Red range and MSL®800 technology CLICK HERE


Established in 2008, Red Paddle Co is the world’s number one inflatable paddleboard brand. Designed in the UK, their award-winning products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide. Red’s guiding principle is performance without compromise to deliver the safest, most reliable inflatable SUPs in the world. As a certified B Corporation, Red is legally committed to prioritising social and environmental sustainability in every aspect of its business. More at