iAQUA has unveiled the world’s first lithium battery fire and fuel safety storage box to prevent catastrophic fires on board superyachts. 

The watercraft manufacturer adopts rigorous safety standards when producing battery cells and its Lithium Safety Store™ is designed to contain uncontrollable lithium fires, fuel fires, plus explosions. 

With over 1,000 lithium battery fires reported every week, every captain and boat owner should ensure they responsibly store all lithium batteries on board.  

“The iAQUA Lithium Safety Box has been designed to prevent an uncontrolled fire caused by the thermal runaway associated with damaged, degraded, old, or poorly designed and manufactured lithium batteries.  

“Ensure the safety of all your passengers while reducing insurance premiums and any claim denial for improperly stored flammable liquids, or lithium battery-related incidents,” iAQUA said. 

iAqua Lithium Battery storage

The patented Lithium Safety Store boasts four early warning signals and has an in-built temperature sensor, which connects to mobiles as the first early warning.  

This feature means the captain and up to 10 people can be alerted to any fire, even whilst not on board and effectively manage the situation without the loss of a vessel. 

Adding a SIM card as a back-up, the Safety Store will send a text message as a second warning, before a 100-decibel alarm sounds with a temperature-activated flashing red light. 

The Safety Store is constructed with a 1-inch-thick Kevlar inner liner and specially formulated UL 94VO-rated insulation to contain heat of up to 1100°F.  

UL 94VO is the highest rated level of flame resistance and means the material will self-extinguish in less than 10 seconds once the flame is extinguished. 

Due to its strength, lightness, heat protection properties, and low thermal conductivity, Kevlar is the number one material used for bulletproof vests, and all fire protection equipment, such as fire-fighters suits and gloves. 

The stackable Safety Store can be handed with normal protective gloves even whilst an internal fire is underway, allowing for quick movement or disposal.  

Other features include ventilation ports to prevent gas entrapment and heavy-duty marine 316-grade stainless steel hinges and locks to keep contents secure. 

Available in three sizes and boasting a weatherproof high-gloss fibreglass outer casing, the Safety Store fits all iAQUA and Seabob sea scooters, drones, toys, flares, gas canisters/bottles, flammable liquids, plus larger e-foil/e-board removable batteries. 

iAQUA is committed to bringing the latest developments in technology to the water world and has 25 years of automotive design and manufacturing experience. 

The firm has worked with many of the world’s leading automotive brands including General Motors, Tesla, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Lamborghini, and Bentley. 

For further information and detailed specifications visit iaquaoceansafety