Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce has been awarded certification as a Whale Heritage Site. It is the only Whale Heritage Site in Latin America and one of only eight fully accredited Whale Heritage Sites worldwide.

The news comes from the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA).

The Whale Heritage Site program is an initiative created by WCA and supported by World Animal Protection which recognizes destinations around the world where coastal communities work together to protect, respect, and celebrate cetaceans and their habitats.

Whale Heritage Sites provide a clear marker to help identify and support sustainable practices and create a platform for communities to engage with marine culture, heritage, and biodiversity. They also provide a transparent and easy way to select responsible whale and dolphin watching, experiencing these incredible animals in their natural habitat, in an authentic and responsible way.

Visitors and guests to Marina Bahia Golfito can join the local Golfito community in celebrating this achievement and ongoing efforts for lasting sustainability.

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