Riviera is now offering Year 11 and 12 school students and those interested in a full-time apprenticeship an outstanding opportunity to explore a career in the growing and fulfilling marine industry with Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder.

The opportunity to choose from a wide range of trades is available from marine craft construction and polymer processing to cabinetmaking, upholstery, electrical and engineering.

This month, aspiring apprentices can see and learn more during three fact-filled information evenings held at the Riviera facility at Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The first evening on Tuesday 11th is fully booked, with places currently available for Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 27.

The information evenings begin at 5.30pm and provide an early opportunity for year 11 and 12 school students to consider a marine industry career starting in January 2024.

For people considering a full-time apprenticeship, these evenings provide a chance to better understand the immediate start opportunities that are on offer with Riviera in polymer processing (composites) and marine craft construction. These are the skills required to create every element of a luxury motor yacht, from hulls and decks to hard tops and small parts.

The Riviera apprentice training program has been long recognised for its excellence, receiving state and national industry and government awards. Hundreds of craftspeople have graduated from the program since its inception, many of whom have also received individual awards for their excellence.

The Riviera training program offers so much more than an apprenticeship. Many additional personal development training courses form part of this unique apprenticeship opportunity, teaching leadership, life and business skills that will stay with graduates throughout their life.

Rodney Longhurst

Riviera’s owner, Rodney Longhurst, says school grades are less important than a great attitude, eagerness to learn from the best master craftspeople and willingness to grow in a selected trade.

“More than 90 percent of our apprentices have gone on to important careers with Riviera, from team leadership to senior management roles in the business,” he says.

“As a Riviera apprentice, you’ll be surrounded by great workmates who genuinely want to help you succeed.”

“Our philosophy is that to build world class motor yachts, we must help create world-class craftspeople.”

Riviera Work Health and Safety Manager Adam says: “This is a great place to grow your career. The opportunities continue to come with the growth of the company, and they go to the people who put their hands up and do the hard work.”

Second year Riviera apprentice Connor says: “Everyone here is supportive and we are all part of the same team.”

First-year Riviera apprentice Laura agrees.

“Riviera is very supportive of young female apprentices,” she says. “The many opportunities are what I love about working here.”

Third-year Riviera marine upholstery apprentice Claudia says: “If you are open-minded, willing to learn and hard working, this is definitely the place to be.”

As well as learning about the career opportunities, attendees will tour the factory during the information evening to see first-hand how Riviera’s luxury yachts are built and the variety of skills involved in creating them.

They will hear from a number of men and women who began their careers as first-year and school-based apprentices with the company.

Advice will also be offered during the information sessions on how to apply for a Riviera apprenticeship to ensure the best possible chance of selection.

Year 11 students have the opportunity of a week of work experience in the September/October 2023 school holidays as a step towards a school-based apprenticeship in Year 12 that involves one day of work with Riviera each week in the first year.

Students currently in Year 12 may apply for full-time apprenticeship to begin in January 2024.

To attend either of the Riviera apprentice information sessions on July 19 or 27, pre-registration is required.

For full apprenticeship details and to pre-register click here