Sydney-based disability support program, Explore Social is quickly discovering all the great benefits of fishing and is fast becoming one of the most popular activities on their schedule.

Explore Social’s Co-founder Louella Edwards couldn’t be happier with the outcome and it’s something that literally everyone can enjoy.

“Our clients’ abilities differ and fishing is one of those activities that doesn’t discriminate and when everyone can get involved it’s great to see all the smiles and it just a really good vibe.”  Said Louella

What about the fish? Well, turns out there’s some fierce competition within the group with biggest fish and number of fish being the measurement of success. As Louella explains sometimes the clients need to be reeled inline when it comes to bragging rights.

“Sometimes we do have to gently remind our clients that it’s not a competition but it is great to see some friendly banter and it’s great to see everyone so comfortable to express themselves.” Said Louella.

Aside from the fun and games there are some real lessons being learned. For some catching a fish may not be a big deal but for Explore Social it’s a great exercise in developing a sense of personal achievement.

Ranging from different abilities it can lend itself for individuals to be “unable” and taking a photo of a fish isn’t just showing off their catch but also showing the world that they did it, on their own. Something Explore Social strongly advocates

“It’s hard to comprehend how it must feel constantly being told that you aren’t capable of doing something because of your ability and we’re (Explore Social) all about building confidence and fishing is a great way to do that and they can show the world how capable they are.” Said Louella.

The community has also become involved with local fishing store, Fishing Station providing some bait and a gear to help get more involved and with more like-minded businesses Explore Social look to expand on their fishing activities to get more people experiencing the “good vibes.” 

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by Steve Collopy