Fuelled by a relentless search for a better way to live, new societal thoughtforms are replacing selfish own goals with sustainable co-operation. In business, established tenets of greed are challenged by the concepts of participatory socialism espoused by influential economists like Thomas Piketty.

In accord with this thinking, Go Sail Cargo was born of a desire for a better way to transport people and goods in an equitable manner without destroying the planet. Once trading our ships, powered by wind and sun offer reliable profitability and deliver the goods on time. Our traditional maritime foundations are turbocharged by open-source technology and enlightened business philosophies. In essence it’s just common sense in action.

If we are to be more than a drop in the ocean however, thousands of carbon neutral ships and boats, thousands of shipwrights, seafarers, future-focussed entrepreneurs and administrators will be needed. We will need a new workforce, and success will be shared.

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