The first 4 clubs secure themselves spots in the NSW Sailing League Final, set to take place in April at SailFest.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club earn themselves the NSW Sailing League Regional Qualifier title and a spot in the NSW Sailing League Final after some heated racing at Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club last weekend.

Top team from the weekend, Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club, skippered by Blake Robertson saw themselves needing a consistent day of racing on the final day to see themselves crowned champions of the Regional Qualifier and earn themselves a spot in the NSW Sailing League Final.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club skipper Chris Villa said that “Bringing all the local clubs together is the best idea ever. The one design format puts everyone on a level playing field so nobody has an advantage over having a better boat…”

Joining Blake Robertson and his team in the NSW Sailing League Final will be Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, Port Stephens Yacht Club and Toronto Amateur Sailing Club. The NSW Sailing League Final is set to take place during ‘SailFest’, April 15/16 at Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club.

Eyes are now set on the second leg of the NSW Sailing League, the Metropolitan Qualifier, which has been postponed until March 18/19 at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club.