A lot has been happening at MarineWare in Rozelle in recent weeks. Energised by new management as John Santos takes the helm of the bustling operation, MarineWare has implemented a number of important initiatives.

Stock levels have increased, especially in high-demand categories that boatbuilders, refinishers & DIYs need – which is especially important during this busy time of year. To make sure products get to customers on time, there are more drivers on the road, ferrying orders across the greater Sydney region.

MarineWare is constantly watching out for new products – and listening to customers for feedback on what they need. The installation of Jotun’s latest Multicolour tinting system is just the tip of the iceberg. World coatings leaders are constantly introducing newer, more advanced products. So as Australia’s leading marine supplier, MarineWare is always first with the new releases.

Marine professionals often have their favourite products – and for good reason. So MarineWare stocks a broad spectrum of coatings brands, along with abrasives, detailing compounds, application tools, PPE gear, resins, fabrics and composite materials from several market leaders. Since MarineWare handles significant volume, it is able to source products at more competitive prices – then pass those savings onto customers.