Main photo: Young soldiers who just enlisted in Lismore, being taken downriver on the Captain T Fenwick to get a steamer to Sydney and then off to WWI.

The Hunt Collection is a stunning hardcover, glossy print book containing dozens of beautifully restored photographs of river boats which plied the Richmond River, Northern NSW in the early part of the 20th century.

George Hunt was a prolific photographer and took hundreds of photos from 1908 of all the boats that passed his Tuckurimba farm. From small droghers to large steamers; paddle wheelers and picnic launches, George captured life on the river like no other. His 100 year old collection was rescued from a dusty old cupboard, digitised and intricately restored over a period of two years.

Produced by Jacqui Kennedy, the book features two dozen selected boats and each has been thoroughly researched and together with an overview of early pioneer shipbuilders, this book is a comprehensive history of 100 years of shipping on the Richmond.

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