Eyachts have always been at the forefront of the marine industry when it comes to selecting sustainable and innovative brands to represent.

Extensive research, real-world experience and global industry knowledge form the foundation of our decisions when it comes to introducing new designs. The company was one of the first to import electric boats into Australia, and now they are introducing a boat brand that is doing so much more than any other on the market. As the renowned specialists of European dayboats, now the largest importer of this segment in Australia, the Danish-designed and engineered next-generation range of RAND electric powerboats is set to fit perfectly into the Eyachts portfolio.

Peter Hrones, Eyachts Managing Director, stated, “RAND Boats are the perfect match for the Eyachts portfolio. RAND fits perfectly between our Axopar, the original adventure boats, Pardo Yachts, our Italian entertainment dayboats and Greenline, our electric cruisers.”

Hrones imported his first dayboat in 2007, which was years ahead of its time with a unique and controversial look, people believed these would never sell Downunder. In 2015 Eyachts imported its first Axopar, and again many friends within the industry warned Hrones that this concept would not work. Years on, there are now 250 Axopars in Australian & NZ waterways with huge demand and many companies trying to replicate these designs.

Ross Turner, Eyachts General Manager, stated, “RAND immediately stood out from all others not only because of their instantly recognisable and effortlessly cool designs but for their dedication to creating a truly sustainable future for boating. Through intelligent innovation and investment in sustainable and cutting-edge production methods, RAND has the singular goal of making environmentally friendly power boating of the future available to everyone, and that future is already here.”

RAND stands alone in the day boat segment with a unique approach of blending an idealist vision of the future with the versatile demands of the boating enthusiasts of today, with a range extending from stunning and uber-chic cafe day racers to overnight adventure boats and super-cool sociable runabouts.

RAND has spent more than five years intensively investing in research, innovation and real-world testing to be able to offer a truly viable and practical 100% electric powertrains across their entire range, for those who are ready to embrace it now. For those who aren’t ready, RAND also offer their design, style and advances in sustainable production with traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) propulsion.

Electric propulsion models can achieve speeds in excess of 40knots and with the latest in lithium battery technology, a range of 50km to 350km depending on your speed means that even the 100% Electric drive models can fit the lifestyle and needs of 90% of day-boaters.

RAND have also focussed on creating a style and design philosophy that defines the RAND boats as iconic products in their own right. It is the blend of inspiring Scandanavian design with technical developments, hydro-dynamic research and advances in modern manufacturing processes that grants the RAND boat its iconic status.

Ross Turner explains, “RAND isn’t building a handful of electric boats each year and figuring it out as they go, they have the professional strategy, engineering experts and manufacturing resources, as well as a modern Scandanavian focus on excellence and innovation, to deliver the boats of the future now. This is something they’re already doing in Europe in unprecedented numbers.”

Every RAND is constructed with materials developed from recycled plastic bottles, and all wooden trim elements are obtained entirely from certified sustainable forests. Even the luxurious ‘leather’ upholstery options are, in fact, cruelty-free alternatives. When compared to similar mainstream boat production techniques, RAND Boats also use only half of the material when producing boats. With this sustainable build approach, even traditional combustion engine versions have a vastly improved green footprint compared to their competitors.

The success of this philosophy is clear in the fact the RAND range already contains no fewer than 9 individual models spanning 18’ to 30’ with new designs either already tooled-up or well advanced on the drawing board. With 500+ boats currently being built every year and a new high-tech production facility exclusively owned by RAND coming soon, it is clear that what may have seemed a concept of the future is now very much here.

“It has never been a better time to buy a cool looking Europe designed & built dayboat with skyrocketing second-hand boat prices and the weak euro currency that the USA manufacturers cannot compete with today,” says Hrones.

Eyachts can get you on the water for just over $100K and has sales and service offices in most states in Australia, and a full in-house service department, VesselTec, staffed with professional electricians, and boat builders and knowledgeable superyacht skippers that can support all your service requirements during ownership.

With 40 smaller RAND boats already cruising Australia’s waterways, Eyachts will introduce the first of the new range Downunder at the beginning of 2022.

If you would like to be the first to see these incredible new models get in touch with the expert team at Eyachts boat@eyachts.com.au

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