The Norwegian Sun cruise ship has cancelled its nine-night trip through Alaska, after the vessel crashed into an iceberg off the Alaskan coast.

Norwegian cruise ship hits growlerIncredible footage has emerged of the incident, which shows the Norwegian Sun smashing into a ‘growler’ near the Hubbard Glacier in Yakutat Bay.

The vessel changed course to dock at at Juneau after the collision, where divers have been assessing the vessel for damage. No injuries have been reported, but the cruise line has now cancelled the rest of the scheduled trip. Norwegian Sun will now return to Seattle to undergo repairs.

A growler is a small iceberg or ice floe that has less than 1 metre of ice showing above the water and measures less than 2 meters across. They are commonly encountered in areas with icebergs, but it is rare for a cruise liner to change course after colliding with one.

From Marine Industry News UK