21 year old Australian, Xavier Doerr, has begun “The Little Aussie Lap”, a solo non-stop unassisted circumnavigation of Australia in his 21ft Mini Transat yacht, Waterline. 

He will attempt to beat the World Speed Sailing and Guinness World Records as the fastest and smallest racing yacht to complete the lap of Australia. 

Lisa Blair, who holds the current record for around Australia at 58 days, completed a solo non-stop unassisted circumnavigation of Antarctica on Wednesday 25 May in 92 days, beating the existing record by ten days on her second attempt. 

Doerr, is aiming to complete the lap in 50 days, and join Blair as one of few sailors who have successfully completed the solo unassisted non-stop lap of Australia. 

Waterline, Mini Transat hull 176, has a rich racing history residing and racing in both France and Bermuda, before making its way to Australia, landing in Melbourne.

Xavier Doerr purchased the vessel in October 2021 when it was completely stripped and rebuilt by hand in preparation for the next adventure Down Under.

The circumnavigation of the Australian continent is equivalent to 1/3 of a lap of the Globe or 12 Sydney Hobart Races, approximately 7500 nautical miles.   

“I have chosen to go counter-clockwise to use the most preferable weather systems and while it is coming into Winter, it will be the perfect timing to get the most favourable winds” said Doerr. 

“A huge challenge will be sleep deprivation as I plan to sleep in 15-minute blocks to keep a proper watch and avoid collisions with other vessels and floating debris” he continued. “I have a commercial timer which will ensure I wake every 15 minutes.”

“One of the biggest challenges for me will be social isolation” Doerr divulged. “Everyone who knows me well knows that I am an outgoing person, so being in my own head for that long will be a challenge. I plan to call my team when I can and have packed a “Wilson” Volleyball as a companion.”

Two years in the making, this campaign could not be possible without the incredible support of generous sponsors. Aramex, Waterline Dive Cleaning, Deepwater Collective, Zhik, RawCorp, Australian Framing Solutions, Evolution Sails, Rope Solutions Rigging, Ocean Crusaders and his base, the Southport Yacht Club.

You can follow “The Little Aussie Lap” via a Live Tracker on the website and the Support Team will post regularly to Facebook and Instagram.

The challenge began on Sunday, May 29, from the Southport Yacht Club where a flotilla escorted Xavier as he made his way out the Seaway.

What’s Onboard?

Waterline is well equipped with multiple spares and a tonne of safety gear, spare sails, medical kits, EPIRBs.  There is over 2km of rope on the boat, and more:

  • Over 200 freeze-dried meals 
  • 30 x cans spaghetti and meatballs
  • No bananas
  • 200 litres of drinking water
  • 2 x ipads
  • 2 x phones
  • 1 x Satphone
  • 1 x Go Pro
  • 1 x Drone
  • 5 x hats
  • 2 x sunglasses
  • 5 x bottles of sunscreen
  • 3 x sets of thermals
  • 2 x bottles of Bushman’s repellent
  • 1 x pair ski goggles
  • 3 x portable chargers
  • 1 x toothbrush
  • 1 x machete
  • 1 x fishing kit
  • 1 x Wilson Volleyball
  • A 6ft 3in human with big dreams and huge goals