The April exhibition at The Studio by Laing+Simmons Young Property, at Careel Bay Marina in Avalon, will focus on its own marine doorstep. Various artists will showcase their work to support Living Ocean and proceeds will go towards a new scientific research project aimed at better understanding, and protecting, the local marine environment.

The ‘Careel Bay Collaborative’ brings together a range of scientific experts with different fields of expertise, from Macquarie University and University of New South Wales, all working together to collectively research Careel Bay and identify the best strategies to protect this natural local gift for the long-term.

Living Ocean, a local environmental association which promotes awareness of the human impact on the ocean, is supporting the Collaborative and the next exhibition at The Studio will raise important funds in support of the research.

A range of artists who support Living Ocean will make examples of their stunning, evocative and locally-inspired works available for purchase. The exhibition, to be launched on Wednesday 6 April, will be free to the public and is expected to generate plenty of interest.

Amy and Matthew Young of Laing+Simmons Young Property, the local real estate business behind The Studio, have supported local artists and local causes through art exhibitions for the past year.

“This time, our exhibition will support an important cause not only close to our hearts, but literally at the door of our business,” explains Ms Young.

“We’re aware of how privileged we are to be able to gaze over Careel Bay each day, and we’re also aware of the need to protect something so precious. This is the important work Living Ocean does, this is what the Careel Bay Collaborative is focused on, and we’re proud to play our part too,” she says.

The Studio is a community-focused hybrid creative space at Careel Bay Marina in Avalon, an initiative of Laing+Simmons Young Property. To date, the not-for-profit community initiative has raised over

$8,000 for local causes including Living Ocean, One Eighty, Dreams2Live4, Sea Shepherd Australia, the Seabin Project and the BeCentre.

The exhibition in support of the Careel Bay Collaborative will be launched at The Studio on Wednesday 6 April at 5pm. It will run for the whole month and is free to the public. Opening hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday, and Sundays from 8am to 12pm.

Contact Amy Young from Laing+Simmons Young Property on 0422 225 227 for more information.

The Studio by Laing+Simmons Young Property is located in Careel Bay Marina at 94 George Street, Avalon.