Greenline Yachts approaches 2022 with record turnover and full order book backed by increasing demand for sustainable “green” yachting

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Greenline Yachts is closing 2021 with a record in yacht deliveries and earnings.

Greenline Yachts has seen strong demand from environmentally conscious and technologically demanding customers, particularly looking for larger models. While the percentage of larger yachts made up only 40% in 2018, boats of 12+ meters already contributed 50% to group revenues this year. By 2022 this segment will account for two-thirds of sales.

Greenline Yachts focuses on sustainable propulsion systems, particularly on hybrid technology. The share of hybrid yachts has been rising steadily over the past year. The company has just launched its 6th hybrid generation “6G” with a multi-connection clutch, that allows the drive to be connected to any engine. Today, every second yacht leaving the shipyard is equipped with hybrid propulsion. The current order book indicates a mid-term hybrid share of around 70% across the entire product range.

Greenline Yachts’ CEO Vladimir Zinchenko says: “Greenline has worked tirelessly to produce high-quality yachts with credible alternative propulsion options and these numbers are testament to the ingenuity of the product and appetite in the market for a more sustainable way of boating.”

The production of the all-new Greenline 58 Fly is up and running with the hull mould ready and the deck to follow just before the end of this year. The development of further new models also continues at pace. There are two new models on the drawing board due for launch in 2023 and 2024, respectively; more details will be released in the European summer of 2022.

The company will invest in the expansion of its production capacities in 2022. An additional floor will be added to the existing production building in Begunje in order to fulfil all orders on time and ensure that the shipyard can keep up with the strong demand.

CEO Vladimir Zinchenko adds: “This has been an incredible year for the Greenline Yachts brand. It is very satisfying to see so many years of hard work by our dedicated teams coming to fruition… Most promising, though, is the shift we are seeing towards hybrid propulsion. We introduced our first hybrid system in 2008 and the increasing demand in sustainable boating shows that we have taken the right way back then. Our vision and early conviction have helped us to steadily improve our system and develop a technological advantage. This is an exciting time for the company and we can’t wait to push on to the next step and reveal our plans for the future.”

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