Finding a suitable marina, maintenance facility or a good marine trade in a particular location has long been a challenge, but it’s just become a whole lot easier.

The Marina Industries Association (MIA) has recently launched My Marina Guide, a new map-based, online directory of all marinas, yacht clubs and boatyards in Australia along with a growing range of service providers who are listing their businesses on the site.

The easy to navigate map enables users to zoom in on a location and see all the marinas and boatyards in the area.  The site also enables users to search for marine service providers by location.  For example, if you’re looking for a shipwright in Coomera, the guide will enable you to locate all shipwrights in the Coomera area which have listed on the Guide.

Darren Vaux, BIA President commented on the recently launched guide, “My Marina Guide is exactly the resource that boaters need, particularly when cruising in unfamiliar waters. It’s a great online resource enabling boaters like me to quickly and conveniently identify and research marinas and other services in a particular waterway from one website – no more Google searches and jumping from one website to another.  It will be the perfect passage planning companion when cruising the coast.” 

An advanced search function also enables users to search for marinas by location which have specific facilities that they seek, such as an onsite laundry or a marina that can accommodate superyachts. 

Suzanne Davies CEO of the MIA said, “The aim is that the My Marina Guide will become the ‘go to’ resource for the boating public as they seek berthing and maintenance facilities, boating maintenance service providers and retailers that can provide for all their boating needs wherever they are.” 

To learn more or to list a business free of charge, go to