Drummoyne Sailing Club (DSC) are delighted to announce the launching of the Drummoyne Junior, known as the “DJ”, to enhance current and future sail training for Juniors at DSC.

The DJ is a fast-to-rig single-sail dinghy which is lightweight and easy to launch and sail.

Key features are the false bottom which means fast drainage when water enters the boat and the improved buoyancy will assist in righting the DJ after capsizing.

The DJs will form an integral part of the sailing programs at DSC and also be included in the Sailing Academy at DSC.

DSC have six DJs and they will be named after various local harbour features and include the indigenous name eg: Spectacle Island known as “Gonguul”.

DSC is very grateful to the whole sailing community at DSC, the generous financial sponsorship from DSC members and local businesses who contributed to the purchase of the DJs. An official launch of the DJs is planned for February 2022.

The DJs are a great addition to the sailing community at DSC and will be a pathway for children to be introduced to sailing at DSC for many years to come.

For further information about the DSC Academy or any other general information please contact the Club:
Mobile  0492 975 382