$120 as you would be aware is a very low price for a piece of art, let alone commissioned art.

The price is based on how much people might normally want to spend on giving a present with a difference.

The requirements are that you supply a suitable photograph by email or post for me to work from. I will draw one portrait in pencil on A4 paper. 

If you would like more than one person in one drawing, add $40 per person if they are all together in the photograph, grouped as you prefer.

If they are in separate photos, add $60 per person. The photos must be suitable to appear natural once drawn in combination.

Best of all, supply the photographs and ask for a quote. If you would like a larger size, or full colour, or a different medium, please contact me.

Client comments so far:

“You really nailed my bro in these. And the hair! Especially impressed with the long wavy hair. And the light behind all the eyes that you captured.”

“I’ve received them! They are so wonderful! I’m so happy with them.”

If you would like to see a larger portrait example drawn in conté crayon and pastel; or if you would like an oils-on-canvas portrait, or any other commission, to see a few other works by me, visit my website www.lanceross.com.au 

One item there, ‘Portrait of a Happy Woman,’ was the front cover of a birthday card.

If you would like to see paintings by me and currently available, visit www.bluethumb.com.au then key Lance Ross into the Search panel.

To see over 100 works by me go to www.gallery247.com.au and search for Lance Ross.

Stay healthy and keep smiling,