The Cisne Branco, a Brazilian Navy training sailship, collided with a bridge across the Guayas River, in Guayaquil, Ecuador while attempting to leave port.

An Ecuadorian tugboat trying to assist the ship was dragged under and ended up at the bottom of the river, it was reported.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

The Ecuadorian Navy reported in a statement that “during the undocking manoeuvre” the tugboat Altar had sunk while trying to help the Cisne Branco.

Port Captain Danilo Espinoza said in the same statement that “there are no human victims or injuries” and that “the respective administrative summary will be opened for the corresponding investigation into this maritime accident.”

The incident occurred as the ship was leaving port accompanied by a tugboat. According to preliminary data released through local media, the Brazilian vessel is said to have suffered some sort of technical malfunction due to which she lost control and was swept away by the current. After the event, the Ecuadorian Navy activated “the corresponding emergency protocols” and provided the “necessary assistance to the units involved,” it was reported.

The Cisne Branco was taken to a local Yacht Club for assessment.

The Cisne Branco had planned to participate in the Sails Latin America 2022 regatta.