Those suffering the merest hint of desire to go seafaring in their own boat will learn from these heartbreaking but hilarious tales of what can go wrong.

Read the secrets of successfully leaving moorings with topsides unmarked, miraculously happening upon your destination and for the pièce de resistance, dropping anchor with aplomb. Inevitable binocular watchers will murmur appreciatively and your crew impressed. Perfect.

Coupled with handy hints on avoiding disasters, this is an essential read for all with a love of boating. Paul’s sharp sense of humour has been expertly illustrated by world leading boating cartoonist and Afloat regular, John Quirk.

In Australia Better Boating Blunders is distributed by Boat Books and available at Whitworths Chandleries

Written by Paul Curtis and illustrated by John Quirk


Available in Paperback, Hardcover Kindle and all e-Book formats