Yanmar 50 Years logoDuring the last quarter of 2021, Power Equipment and YANMAR will celebrate 50 years of providing recreational marine solutions to the world.

The special 50 year commemoration recognises the historic achievements behind the creation of YANMAR’s reputation today for setting the global standard in sailboat and small craft propulsion, backed by the largest worldwide service network in the industry. The celebrations will also honour YANMAR’s commitment to more than a century of diesel innovation, sustainability, and the delivery of application-driven solutions for recreational marine.

Since 1990, Power Equipment has partnered with YANMAR as the exclusive authorised distributor throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

The half-century celebrations follow on from the introduction of YANMAR’s first purpose-built engine for recreational marine use back in 1971, the PMX 1 cylinder. This milestone launch was shortly followed by the introduction of the YSE (Yacht Series Engine) in 1972, built specifically for sailing yachts. After bringing the first marine engine for fishing boats to the market nearly 75 years ago, YANMAR was the first diesel engine manufacturer to receive the Deming Prize for Total Quality Management in 1968.

YANMAR continues to set new standards today, becoming the first recipient of the marine diesel engine NOx certification by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1994. It far exceeded EPA Tier III emissions regulations with the introduction of the 4JH-CR Series in 2014, bringing the benefits of common rail technology to sailing and smaller vessels. YANMAR’s complete line-up of class-leading, efficient and quiet sailboat and powerboat engines is expanding with the recent launches of the 6LF and 6LT series.

According to Power Equipment CEO Luke Foster, “We’re proud to be part of the YANMAR family here at Power Equipment. Since our distribution into Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific began back in 1990, we have often heard stories and feedback from customers about work, fishing, and sailing adventures with family and friends – all powered by YANMAR. We can’t wait for everyone to get involved and share their stories using #yanmar50.”

Martijn Oggel, YANMAR’s Global Sales Manager, also added “YANMAR has always led the way with industry-leading and award-winning technology, breaking new ground in low emissions and reliability. With this celebration, we want to demonstrate why our engines are the most proven, premium units in the world, showing how our 50 years of recreational marine solutions has enhanced the enjoyment of boating and contributed to the advancement of the marine industry.”

All YANMAR customers are encouraged to get involved by sharing your YANMAR story using the hashtags #yanmar50 and #powerequipment, tagging @yanmarmarine on Instagram or @yanmarmarineinternational on Facebook, for an opportunity to receive one of 50 YANMAR gift packages.