Greenskin Wines logoInnovative startup, Greenskin Wine has officially launched Australia’s first 100% recyclable, resealable, glassless way to enjoy premium quality wine, absolutely anywhere.

Founded by avid sailor, packaging specialist and winemaker Mike Davies, Greenskin Wine is disrupting the wine packaging industry while providing a game-changing solution to the current glass bottle crisis.

For many years, the market has seen an unmet demand for glassless wine packaging that is not only environmentally friendly, but also efficient, compact and unbreakable, without compromising on the wine’s quality.

“We knew we weren’t the only wine lovers embarking on land and sea adventures who find traditional bottles heavy, bulky, breakable and very inconvenient to dispose of during and at the end of your adventure.” Davies said.

“After storing, carrying, drinking, and disposing of our fair share of glass bottles, we wanted to create a product that was not only better suited to the great outdoors but kinder to it. Going glassless was our answer.” he said.

“Forget your disturbing goon-bag memories of yesteryear, this is all about premium quality wine in a convenient, eco-friendly package” he said.

Wine producers around the world are taking great measures to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting sustainable viticulture practices. And with the growing concern about the amount of carbon emitted to produce a glass bottle and transport it to market, wine packaging is the next obvious place to further reduce their overall environmental impact and increase sustainability of the wine industry as a whole.

“It’s now never been easier to enjoy a good red or white while being green.” Davies said.

Designed by and for people who love the outdoors but hate the waste and inconvenience of traditional glass bottles, Greenskin Wine series one offers six varieties packaged in a 750ml soft pouch sold by the 6-pack via the Greenskin Wine website, and delivered directly to your door.

“We have purposely selected a range of high-quality small parcels of wine from highly respected Western Australian wine producers for our first offering to the market. We are mindful of the damage that could be done by filling a new packaging format with sub-standard wine and have been careful not to take that risk.” Davies said.

The first series has been hand-selected by Davies himself, a man who does not compromise when it comes to quality wine. The range includes Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Chardonnay, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Syrah and a Cabernet Merlot all from the world-renowned Margaret River and Great Southern wine regions of Western Australia.

Some of the benefits of Greenskin Wine over a traditional bottle include:

  • Each pouch is 100% recyclable thanks to Greenskin’s innovative closed-loop system.
  • Every six-pack includes a pre-paid mailer bag to return the six empty pouches direct to Greenskin’s recycling partner, REDCycle, making it free and easy for consumers to divert more glass and plastic from landfill.
  • A 750ml Greenskin pouch takes less than 20% of the energy to produce, compared to a 750ml glass bottle.
  • Every pouch is less than 60% of the weight and volume of a traditional glass bottle with a 6-pack weighing just 4.8kgs.
  • Due to the pouches low weight and compact nature, there are far fewer emissions when they’re transported. Eg: One truck load of empty Greenskin pouches being transported to be filled is equivalent to 26 truckloads of empty glass bottles!
  • It is compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly thanks to its slim and malleable design, it is also completely unbreakable making it perfect for outdoor occasions.
  • Added bonus, the whites and Rosé are extremely quick to chill.
  • Each wine lasts longer, as any air can be easily squeezed out and the pouch resealed keeping the wine quality for a good few weeks.

The light, sleek, soft pouch design means you can pack it neatly and take your favourite drop with you on your boat, in your camper, under the stars or anywhere else you like to enjoy the outdoors.

The Greenskin Wine pouch is revolutionary and designed to make enjoying quality wine in the great outdoors easier, faster and lighter, in every way.

To purchase and find out more information about Greenskin Wine visit or email