Sunliner Boats is a new company bringing high quality inflatables, aluminium and family boats to Queensland, for less!

“We have found a great way to keep our business costs down while providing world class boats.’ Says Jonathon Gowlland, the CEO of Sunliner. “With reduced overheads and a smooth and efficient supply chain we can produce to Australian standard customised boats for a fraction of the usual cost and waiting period.’

Sunliner Boats was founded by Jonathon Gowlland, a 30 year + veteran of sailing, racing, and boating; sparked by a desire to see everyone be able to afford a new boat.

Why is Sunliner different?

The Sunliner Boats methodology in producing high standard boats in a quicker timeline meant a strong communication criteria between the supplier and Sunliner had to be formalised; which took Sunliner and their suppliers months to perfect before they were ready to go to market. 

Sunliner insisted on the best materials and construction methods that are used in high-end boat construction to be standard in each Sunliner Boat produced.

‘The other thing which was important to us was to research our market in Australia and distinguish the styles and needs of the boating person. The mix of boats we now offer are a direct result of the research and data we collected, right through to the accessories and price points of what people want.”

Each boat can be fully customised and can have several styles, depending on their use.

“We are particularly good at customising boats that will work on several levels; if you need a family boat that can be used as a fishing boat, a sailing club tender that doubles as a day boat, we can provide winning designs.’

Sunliner also offer a full factory and company warrantees, so the client is well taken care of. “We offer ongoing service and support with our team here, so a Sunliner boat will be kept in great shape for years to come.


Jonathon Gowlland

0412 640 929