Aquafighter® actively removes bound, suspended and emulsified water out of diesel fuel directly in the tank and keeps it water-free at all times.

Aquafighter works best when placed into a clean fuel tank where it captures and eliminates water directly in the tank and completely prevents diesel bug from forming.

Aquafighter eliminates the need for most additives, reduces fuel filter replacement by more than 60%; no more fuel gelling; fuel polishing unnecessary; simplified tank and fuel maintenance; protects tank from corrosion and always keeps fuel clear and bright.

Over 7,000 lab tests performed by two of the largest fuel producers in the world showed 100% efficiency to under 70ppm.

How Aquafighter® Purifies and Protects Your Fuel and Your Tank:

  • Aquafighter® is simply placed into the tank through the largest opening and rests at the bottom of the tank like a flounder fish. As water comes into the tank from filling or condensation through the vent, it sinks to the bottom layers of fuel and becomes bound to the fuel molecules.
  • Aquafighter® will cause this fuel-bound water to release from the fuel molecules and be captured in the Aquafighter® membrane. Through this process the fuel will remain clear and bright and the tank will remain free of bacteria and microbial growth.
  • When Aquafighter® is full, replace it and keep your tank condition and fuel quality excellent through the years.

If water causes it, Aquafighter® stops it!