KVH’s breakthrough 37cm ultra-compact, fast, and affordable VSAT solution – the TracPhone V30 – single cable, DC power, and worldwide coverage.

Now you can live, work, and relax onboard … just like home, while the TracPhone® V30 keeps you connected when you want to be. Stream HD content, chat via WhatsAppTM, connect with the office, get weather information, browse or check emails – at the marina, cruising the coast, or further offshore.

KVH’s TracPhone® V30 is an ultra-compact Ku-band VSAT antenna designed to deliver data speeds as fast as 6 Mbps down/2 Mbps up for leisure and commercial vessels wanting to experience the benefits of Internet while offshore. Measuring just 37cm in diameter and weighing 10.6 kg, the TracPhone V30 is designed to provide ease of installation or retrofitting with a single power-data coax cable and is able to utilise DC power, a definite plus for smaller vessels with a limited power supply.

TracPhone V30 Hub
TracPhone V30 Hub

KVH engineered the antenna with a modem in the dome to deliver outstanding reception, improved signal efficiency, as well as high-performance tracking and stabilisation for faster boats and for rough seas. A streamlined belowdecks unit, called the VSAT-Hub, provides state-of-the-art HTS modem connections, built-in Wi-Fi, data routing, firewall security, and a VoIP adapter for phone calls.

VSAT has never been easier or more affordable

KVH offers a range of affordable metered and unlimited use airtime plans, with month-to-month contract flexibility to satisfy the needs of leisure cruisers who may only use their boats part of the year and commercial vessel operators whose work is seasonal. The KVH Manager suite of tools provides an easy-to-access portal for managing operational and personal data use.

Australian distributor of KVH TracPhone® sat comms and TracVision® satellite TV antenna technology for over 25 years, Coursemaster Autopilots offers KVH Master Technician Tier 3 support though the global Certified Support Network (CSN).

For more information on KVH in Australia visit  www.coursemaster.com

KVH is a mobile tech innovator that provides connectivity solutions for leisure marine, commercial maritime and land mobile applications on vessels and vehicles, including the award-winning TracPhone® and TracVision® product lines, the global mini-VSAT Broadband network, and AgilePlans® Connectivity as a Service.