Bamboo Charcoal – helping eliminate allergens, odours and damp.

Why Bamboo?

Because Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants out there. It is fast growing to replenish itself, requires no pesticide and uses all the water it needs from natural rainfall.

When activated in kilns, the bamboo charcoal becomes carbon neutral and bio degradable so that when the charcoal has passed its “use by” efficiency (two years plus) it can be tipped into your garden soil.  A recycling process at its most efficient and totally eco friendly.

Safe & non toxic alternative to scented air fresheners that contain dangerous chemicals.


Re-use & Rejuvenate  Kingpin Bamboo Charcoal Eco Packs by placing in the sunlight for 1 hour every month.  UV rays clear the pores and re-set the bamboo charcoal ready to use again and again.

Recycle after 2 years by sprinkling the charcoal into the garden soil to complete the carbon cycle, as well as providing nutrients and water retention for your soil.