Aquatic pests and diseases pose a significant threat to the benefits we derive from the NSW Marine Estate and are a key stressor on our marine environment.

Biofouling is the accumulation of organisms, plants, algae and other marine life on submerged surfaces. Biofouling poses one of the most significant threats to these marine environments and ecosystems, where vessel movement is the key vector for transporting non-native marine invasive species throughout Australia and globally.

If you use our oceans and waterways, you have a role in stopping the spread of marine pests. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to protect the waters you love to use.

The Project

NSW DPI Aquatic Biosecurity is working with Charles Sturt University on a Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018-2028 (MEMS) funded project. The project aims to provide a better understanding and increased community awareness of the biosecurity threats posed by biofouling on recreational vessels. This project is focusing on small-medium sized recreational vessels that stay moored or at a berth when in NSW waters.

A state-wide survey has been developed to gather information on what vessel owners think about the management of marine fouling organisms on these recreational vessels, and the risk of spread of marine pest and diseases in biofouling across the marine estate of NSW.

This information will then to be used to prepare recommendations for an advisory and educational campaign to the marine estate community, to help reduce the risk of spread of marine pests and diseases.

This project is funded by the NSW Government under the Marine Estate Management Strategy. The ten-year Strategy was developed by the NSW Marine Estate Management Authority to coordinate the management of the marine estate.

How you can get involved

This state-wide survey is currently open to collect information on how NSW vessel owners use and maintain their vessels. Have your say on how you view and address biosecurity and what we can do together to reduce the risk of spreading marine pests and diseases in NSW.

Take the survey

Read more about the marine biosecurity awareness project here.