Australian-born boating app Deckee has doubled their monthly active users in the last 12 months. This phenomenal growth comes following the establishment of major partnerships with maritime authorities in three states (NSW, TAS, WA), offering comprehensive official boating safety data, adding to their crowdsourced content both nationwide and internationally including weather, aids to navigation, boat ramps, anchorages and many other features and points of interest.

Deckee Speed ZonesDeckee is the boating app designed to give users all the tools and information they need to stay safe and informed on the water. The app combines location based information necessary for boating into a simple interface that every boater, from the beginner to the experienced navigator, can benefit from.

Boating is one of the world’s favourite leisure activities – over 200 million people go boating every year. Locally, there are approximately one million boats registered in Australia and 30,000 new boats are registered every year. What’s more, over one million Australians have a boat license. As a nation that loves the water, one in five Australians claim to be boaties, with one in 23 having access to a boat.

Deckee AppAs the official boating safety app for New South Wales, Tasmania and more recently Western Australia, the app has caught the attention of investors, raising a total of $800,000 to expand the app’s functionality and data on an international scale. 

Despite all the excitement and enjoyment that boating brings to people’s lives, boating can be stressful, confusing, and dangerous without access to the right information, education and guidance. Each year, there are around 5,000 boating accidents worldwide, of which roughly 1,000 happen here in Australia, making up 20% of the world’s boating accidents. Additionally, each year there are 800 deaths globally due to boating accidents, with Australia making up roughly 10% of those. 

For the average boater, specialist marine navigation software and mobile apps are too hard to set up, let alone hardware equipment, and all can appear complicated with many advanced features most boaters never use. Deckee offers a free, simple yet comprehensive tool that contains all the relevant local data for Australian and international boaters. 

Mike McKiernan - Deckee CEO
Mike McKiernan – Deckee CEO

Deckee CEO, Mike McKiernan said: “We’re thrilled to see so many Australians downloading and using the app as their trusted boating companion on the water. It’s wonderful to see the state based maritime authorities adopting the app as their official boating safety partner to ensure accidents are prevented.”

Deckee is available on iOS and Android devices, and on any device equipped with a web browser. Download the app for free via Google Play or the Apple App Store today. To find out more information, visit