Regional wines, beautiful beef, freshly caught seafood, local cheese, while taking in stunning, unspoilt scenery. Nature at its best from your own boat.

Imagine leaving Sydney Harbour behind and spending from the 4th to 17th January 2021, cruising in company, visiting the stunning harbours and bays of the South Coast of NSW and Wilsons Promontory, captaining your own boat. If travel restrictions are still in place the cruise will go as far as Eden and spend longer in some locations with land-based tours of the local area. The plan is to sample the best of each area’s local produce: fresh fish and prawns from the trawlers, oysters hand-picked from the leases, cheese from the makers, beef straight from the paddock and of course wine from the region, all paired to provide an unforgettable experience.

Marine Riley are organising wine makers and local producers to join the group in each location to explain their produce, wine and cheese. They are also arranging visits by gin distillers and craft brewers.

The South Coast region has had a tough year of fires and Covid restrictions so to do our bit to help them get back on their feet fuel will be bought from smaller harbours and food purchased locally. 

It sounds great doesn’t it, but there is a catch. Many of the harbours and anchorages are quite small so the cruise will be limited to just 10 boats.

The tour will be guided by Marine Riley’s experienced team, who will take care of all navigation and weather planning, registrations, safety certification, fuel and provisions planning and tour bookings. You don’t need to be experienced offshore, they’ll teach you as they go along. There will be a half day get together beforehand to walk through the itinerary, meet fellow cruisers and learn some boating tips and tricks. You will only be 50 metres from another boat at all times when offshore which is very reassuring for all onboard. All you need to do is bring your boat, your sense of adventure, your taste buds and friends and family.

The group will anchor in some locations rarely visited by boats so plan for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Marine Riley logoThere are currently two more places for vessels at this stage so please call Mark to discuss the tour further on 0418 250 727 or email

“Drinking good wine with good friends in good company is one of life’s most civilised pleasures.”