Main photo: Riviera’s Kyle Davison (left) and Adam Houlahan with some of the apprentices from the composite team as they stand proudly in the newly completed hull of a 72 Sports Motor Yacht before it moves on to the engineering division.

The company is targeting apprentices in the composite and boatbuilding trades, all of which require a quality skillset in an area of the industry that is being transformed by emerging new technologies.

“The composites manufacturing process is where the whole boatbuilding process begins,” said Riviera’s safety and training manager Adam Houlahan.“

Riviera’s Supply, Planning and Production Director Kyle Davison (left) and Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager Adam Houlahan.
Riviera’s Supply, Planning and Production Director Kyle Davison (left) and Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager Adam Houlahan.

The work our composites manufacturing team undertakes is the foundation of everything we do.”

“The role involves the construction of the hulls, decks and structural components of our motor yachts which are renowned internationally for their superior finish and sea-keeping qualities.

“This is the trade that is most in demand currently by Riviera and one that can deliver a long-term career for the best in their field.”

Riviera, which this year celebrates 40 years of evolution, has been running its award-winning apprenticeship program for more than 20 years. In that time, more than 300 apprentices have become qualified tradespeople and are now working across industry sectors around the world.

Recently Riviera conducted a successful educational tour and presentation of its Gold Coast production facility for students, parents and teachers from the south-east Queensland region in August.

Riviera offers four-year apprenticeships across a range of trades, including electrical, cabinetmaking, timber, upholstery and boat boatbuilding, as well as offering three-year apprenticeships in composites.

“Composite apprentices can become trade qualified composite technicians in just three years which offers a strong pathway into the marine industry,” said Mr Houlahan.

“It’s a very specialised area of our trade and a real sense of pride and attention to detail is required to build world-class Riviera motor yachts.

Riviera’s planning and production director Kyle Davison says the continual advances in technologies highlights the dynamic nature of a career with the composite team.

“There’s a lot of potential for future growth especially with new industry-leading technologies, and that makes this an opportune time to join our team,” said Mr Davison.

Riviera employs about 80 apprentices and each year accepts about 20 new apprentices to its program. The apprentices are mentored by the 600-strong Riviera team who create and innovate motor yachts of distinction. The yachts, from 39 to 72 feet in length, are acclaimed internationally for their world-class calibre of design and construction as much as they are for their fine and luxurious finishes.

All apprentices participate in Riviera’s award-winning Propel program which targets confidence building, people skills, financial maturity and goal-setting under the mentorship of senior staff members including Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst and CEO Wes Moxey, both of whom began their careers as apprentices.

To find out more or to apply, visit the Career Opportunities page on the Riviera website.

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