Press Release from Port Denerau Marina 21 June 2020

After months of advocating to the Fiji Government, we are delighted to announce that the Prime Minister of Fiji, today in his speech declared maritime borders open for foreign flagged vessels and Superyachts.

There are however strict conditions to follow to ensure entry. PM’s speech highlights the requirements:

Fiji will be establishing safe ‘blue lanes‘, open to those yachts and pleasure crafts sailing to Fiji. Any boat coming to Fiji will be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis. The only port of entry will be Port Denarau Marina. If this pilot project is successful, extending blue lanes to other ports and marinas will be considered.

Those eligible to sail to Fiji fall under two categories, both of which will require them to be tested in another country before departing.

  • If their journey to Fiji will take 14 days or longer uninterrupted at sea, once they dock in Fiji and show proof of a negative test result, everyone on board will be screened by the Ministry of Health for symptoms. If they’re deemed to be healthy, their yacht will be allowed to freely visit other ports throughout Fiji.
  • Alternatively, those with a journey at sea shorter than 14 days will be required to make up the difference in quarantine once they dock in Fiji at their own cost. So, say they spend eight days alone at sea –– they will then be required to pay for six days of quarantine in Fiji, after which they can be cleared by a negative test result, also at their own cost.
  • All visitors must download the careFIJI App to enter the country.

Please refer to PM’s full speech for full details and further information on other border requirements and restrictions in Fiji.