The last few months of living with COVID-19 Lockdown have really tested us – tested our resilience, our character, our spirit and our optimism.

Making Waves Foundation logoWe have felt isolated and lonely, angry and frustrated, or worried and unable to cope.

None of us like this “new normal”, the restrictions of “living in lockdown”. However, we know it is only a matter of time before we get our lives back. Get our freedom back.

But that’s not the case for ALL of us.

People who are disabled or disadvantaged live with restrictions every day of their lives. Living in Lockdown IS their normal, there is nothing “new” about it.

When you’re a wheelchair user you can’t just grab your keys, get in the car and go.

I can’t pick up a book or google information when I need it because I’m dyslexic and I can’t read.

But I don’t let my disability define me and that’s what the Making Waves Foundation is all about. When we take people sailing, they leave their disabilities on the dock.

People who sail with us find their freedom on the waves. Click on our video link to see their inspiring stories.

I found my freedom on the waves!

We offer our sailing programs to disadvantaged and disabled people for free because we feel they have enough financial strain to contend with. We aren’t Government funded and we can’t do it without your generosity.  

We are lifting lockdown on optimism every time we get out on the waves.

I am sure you agree that giving disabled and disadvantaged Australians an optimistic future is the best investment you can make this financial year. And it’s an investment that benefits all of us, we become a richer and more competent society because of it.

To help a disabled or disadvantaged Australian explore their potential with optimism, go to or call 0421 725 170 to make your tax deductible investment before June 30.

I thank you for your support,

David Pescud
CEO and Founder Making Waves Foundation