California was one of the first states in the USA to go into lockdown with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. San Diego Bay closed for three weeks in April so the local sailors have been sitting at home playing virtual regattas.

The Bay reopened on 27 April and a local organisation, Cortez Racing Association (CRA), will have its first attempt at a day on the water on 23 May with the ‘Race Your Household‘ regatta.

Here’s their Notice of Race:

  • This race is an open, non-spinnaker event utilising arbitrary handicaps.
  • Boating is currently permitted only with your household members. Only same household crews will be allowed to participate. Racing will be abandoned for non-compliance.
  • All participants must wear PFDs at all times.
  • Sailboats sailing a similar course should take a conservative tactic to avoid any close quarter manoeuvres to minimise collisions or prolonged entanglement.
  • All competitors shall have a face mask on hand for immediate use.
  • All boats will carry an operational VHF radio.
  • Only sailboats that are capable of self-rescue are allowed.
  • All persons on board must be registered in the Regatta Network system for documentation of participation as a household.
  • Boats complete their registration with radio check-in (VHF 68).
  • There is no charge for this race.

One race around government marks within San Diego Bay is scheduled.

Results will be posted online for the only prize: bragging rights.