Eyachts Pty Ltd; the Australian and New Zealand importer of some of the worlds best power boats has turned their attention to the impressive new line currently being rolled out by Italian giants Cantiere del Pardo.

In just over 2 years this head turning Italian brand has quickly become the No.1 walk-around dayboat in the sector. This rapid growth can be put down giving the modern boater the experience, quality and style that they demand.  Pardo’s unique Italian style and functionality both above and below decks have won many admirers the world over. 

“Made in Italy” for over 40 years

Where the heart and passion come together with technology and style: the best of “Made in Italy”. 

For over forty years, Cantiere del Pardo has been integral in the the production of stylish, high performance vessels with both, quality and comfort combined.

Eyachts – Managing Director, Peter Hrones understands day boats and has a keen eye for what’s next on the horizon.  Having imported over 100 day boats to Australia and New Zealand in recent years, he has good reason to stake his claim with Pardo yachts; 

Hrones say’s, “Day-boats are becoming more and more popular every year. For many it has become  apparent that more than 80% of their usage is during the day only.  And so now we see many moving from bulk and accommodation to simplicity, quality and style”

Hrones continues by saying, “To partner with such passionate owners at Cantiere del Pardo is so refreshing & exciting……people that really love boat design and what they are producing. Involving companies like Lamborghini to construct their major moving parts like the Carbon T- Top and carbon dash that hinges forward for easy technical accessibility.. I am drawn to this kind of clever engineering and cross pollination of the world’s best technology”

“Understanding our extreme weather and waterways in Australia and NZ, not every day boat is suitable for our market.  It is Pardo Yachts’ detail and construction methods that we now look for in our next generation day boats for our new and existing customers.”

Pardo also has so many NEW cool and interesting projects like the new E60 (Endurance range) just released at Dusseldorf Boat show plus the new GT range all to come in 2021 that really excites the team at Eyachts.  Every month whether its “2020 European Boat of the Year” or the latest announcement that “Prada” and the team at Luna Rossa have partnered for the next America’s Cup in Auckland the story just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Eyachts will début the Pardo 38 and 43 at Sydney International Boat Show Boat Show 2020.

Visit eyachts website www.eyachts.com.au or contact them at boats@eyachts.com.au or (02) 9979 2443 for more information.