A message from Above & Beyond Boating …

In light of the current situation with the bush fires devastating NSW, Neil Driscoll from Above and Beyond Boating is organising a family day for the RFS volunteers to spend time on Sydney Harbour or Pittwater. We are looking for boat owners to take families out for a day.

If you have a boat in Sydney Harbour or Pittwater we need your help. Every boat we can source for this day allows us to invite another family for much need day away from the front line devastation and a chance to enjoy being out on a boat together.

The families will come to either Middle Harbour Yacht Club in Sydney Harbour or the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Pittwater, where the clubs are sponsoring a sausage sizzle. The boats will come in to the docks from 10am, collect the families and take them out on the harbour for the day.

Depending on the forecast on the day, we will select a bay in each harbour to and anchor up and have some fun.

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