The brand-new Lagoon SIXTY7 has just been nominated for “Multihull of The Year”. For the 2020 edition, the organizers have chosen to nominate Lagoon’s brand-new model, the SIXTY 7, in the power catamarans category.

This new generation catamaran encompasses everything that we know and love about Lagoon. Her layout, wide open spaces, safety and comfort on board sets it apart from all others. The designers have spared no effort or expense in ensuring that the new SIXTY7 surpasses all expectations form the most discerning buyer.

“The smooth flow between interior and exterior creates a feeling of warmth and conviviality throughout the boat. Whether you’re sailing with family or with friends, we have thought about every moment of life on board and about the unique places and atmospheres that make each one special,” Marc Van Peteghem. co-founder of VPLP

Lagoon SIXTY 7 Smooth flow between interior and exterior
Smooth flow between interior and exterior

Naval architect VPLP have designed an efficient hull while maximising the volume on board. Several layout options give buyers the choice of how their SIXTY7 is built. From crew quarters, professional galleys and multiple cabin options, the Lagoon SIXTY7 appeals to everyone from owner/drivers to those with a professional crew.

“The interiors of the new SIXTY 7  is the latest step in an evolution defined by open and uninterrupted spaces that join the interior and exterior seamlessly and open views onto the beauty that you can sail to with these stable, seaworthy and dependable catamaran,” Massimo Gino, interior designer of the SIXTY7.

And its not only in local waters where you will see the new SIXTY7. With 5,500l of fuel, the SIXTY7 offers true world cruising capacity.

The winners will be announced at the Multihull Show at La Grande Motte, France in April 2020.