Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS) is helping high-end automotive brand Lexus, take to the water.

Toyota Motor Corporation – in collaboration with Italian yacht design studio, Nuvolari Lenard, and boatmaker, Marquis Yachts – has developed its first luxury 65-foot yacht, the sleek LY 650, which is being launched as a flagship under the Lexus brand.

To further its ambitions of providing an irreplaceable experience that stimulates the senses and exceeds owner expectation, even at sea, the luxury automaker turned to Volvo Penta as a trusted name in the marine industry.

Full control in the driver’s seat

Volvo Penta IPS is a fully integrated marine propulsion system. This uniquely innovative system makes the LY 650 exceptionally easy to drive and handle. Delivering an intuitive onboard experience through simple joystick control, navigating could not be easier. The individually steerable IPS drives – controlled by the joystick – make for ultra-responsive handling and pilot-like control when maneuvering and docking. This allows owners to navigate in tight spaces, perform tricky maneuvers and maintain outstanding stability in all sea conditions. Additionally, onboard features are integrated from the helm to the propellers, delivering a seamless experience for the driver.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation

When Volvo Penta’s IPS was first launched in 2005 it was a revolution in marine technology. Continuously developed ever since it is still in a league of its own. What makes the system so unique is its innovative design. The forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers are an integral part of the hull structure and design of the yacht, contributing to incredible ‘grip’ of the water. The precise, integrated design of Volvo Penta’s onboard technology makes the boating experience easy and intuitive.

“Volvo Penta IPS really compliments the exceptional craftsmanship of our yacht,” explained Kenichi Nishida from Lexus. “Not only does its compact design create more living space but the seamless integration of its features really brings that car-like feel to the water. It is truly designed for delivering the ultimate driving experience.”

Exceptional performance & efficiency
The Volvo Penta IPS package delivers fast acceleration and high top speeds making it a dream to drive. Contributing to the yacht’s powerful performance are the top available specification twin D13 units each with an output equivalent to 1,350 hp. In addition to this, the IPS system delivers unrivalled fuel efficiency and a long cruising range  – giving owners the freedom to explore.

Quiet and comfort at sea

Vibrations and noise levels are reduced – by up to 50 percent – compared to a traditional inboard shaft propulsion due to the efficiency of the twin counter-rotating propellers and drive line suspension. This creates the ultimate comfort at sea. Comfort is also enhanced by the compact layout of the Volvo Penta IPS installation, which enables a smaller engine room and creates extra livable space. This advanced design allows for three elegant comfortable berths to be accommodated.

With a global Volvo Penta dealer network this yacht is easy to service and maintain, so the focus can be on enjoying the most important thing – the experience on the water. This luxury yacht will be revealed at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 30th October – 3rd November.