Designer houses and manicured gardens stretching to tastefully practical boatsheds at the water’s edge are customary for those lucky to live along Sydney’s various inhabited waterways. Now waterfront owners can extend good taste beyond the sea wall.All Waterfront Constructions

Wharves may be more than a pragmatic way to store boats and access waterfront properties. Alongside boatsheds and gardens, they create alfresco dining opportunities and a place to entertain and unwind with a cooling swim or fishing rod.

Innovation and style in wharf building by All Waterfront Constructions offers tailor-made outcomes using long lasting timber, high density polyurethane piles and smart stainless steel caps. Fixtures and fittings that look great and are designed to best survive the harsh environment of never-ending salt, sun and wind.

Floating hardwood pontoons, built using tubing to dissipate wash and reduce rocking, rise and fall with the tide. Along the pontoon edges, a heavy duty PVC or AJF fendering system keep boats and people safe.

All Waterfront ConstructionsAWC began operating in Pittwater on Sydney’s northern beaches in 2014 as a professional, full-service outfit equipped to deliver on a broad range of specialist marine construction and maintenance projects for commercial and residential clients.

Spearheaded by operations director Chris Kemp and local builder Lucas De Beer, AWC offers a broad range of waterfront services between Broken Bay, the Hawkesbury River and Brisbane Waters on the NSW Central Coast, using high-quality heavy machinery and operating under strict OHS and environmental compliance codes.

All Waterfront Constructions
Stainless steel cap

AWC’s staff and contractors typically hold several professional tickets including Coxswains, builders, carpenters and crane operators, and the business partners with only the best specialist designers, suppliers and trades.

Whether building or maintaining sea walls, wharves, slipways, customized pontoons, ramps or swimming enclosures, AWC guarantees a quality job done well, and done once.

Further information at or call 0410 703 351.

Photos by Bob Fowler.

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