Barnacle Rid was developed over many years by the Thermo Transit Technologies group and is now celebrating its tenth birthday. Barnacle Rid has released their superyacht systems to the mainstream supplying Australia and worldwide in over 26 countries.

Barnacle Rid started their first advertising campaign all those years ago exclusively in Afloat magazine with great success. 

Barnacle Rid protects your boat against barnacles and hard shell growth by creating an Invisible Copper Ion field around your boat’s hull, running gear and props. The generated Copper Ions do not stay as suspended copper but turn to a form of copper oxide that is environmentally friendly and within seconds leaving no trace of copper in the water. The protective field is continuously being regenerated by our sophisticated computer controller maintaining the protective field that creates an environment that is undesirable to barnacles. The barnacles are not killed, they simply go elsewhere.

Barnacle Rid is safe for all marine life and humans, unlike ultrasonic systems.

Barnacle Rid is in no way similar to ultrasonic systems. Unlike ultrasonic systems, Barnacle Rid does not require any hull modifications and can be used on any material and type of hull. Barnacle Rid stays silent and creates no noise while sleeping on board.

Barnacle Rid does not and cannot cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, nor does it affect your boat’s anodes.

It is simple to install, with custom wiring loom supplied as standard along with all installation parts required.

Two, three, four or more electrodes (dependent on the vessel’s size), are lowered into the water when the boat is stationary, moored or in the marina berth. Usually submerged at bow, stern, and midships or alternatively permanently mounted on the marina berth. The whole system only consumes a maximum of 1.0 Amp on 12 Volt or 0.5A on 24V power. There is also an option to use mains shore power or a gen-set.

By using the Barnacle Rid system, you will save money on antifouling expenses, lift fees, fuel and maintenance.  The company provides 3 year’s warranty to the original purchaser on the entire Barnacle Rid Kit.

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