The little-known Boat Owners Association of NSW is really punching above its weight in championing the rights of boat users in the State.

Currently tackling issues from Coffs Harbour to Batemans Bay, the association is pursuing improvements to boat ramp facilities, addressing abandoned vessels, dredging problems and input into new marina construction.

The BOA was established over 30 years ago to represent the interests of boat owners in and on NSW waterways.

Spokesman, Chris de Jong said: “We have established excellent contacts with government and the various agencies whose activities and decisions have an impact on our ability to quietly and responsibly enjoy a day on the water”.

“We are here to safeguard your rights on the water”, he said.

Steber International acknowledges the great advocacy efforts of the BOA on behalf of all NSW boaters.

General manager, Alan Steber said: “The association is helping the push to improve the Manning River entrance at Harrington and it seems only fitting that we in turn support the association.

“The condition of the bar at Harrington is not only a danger to local and visiting recreational fishers but also impacts on local businesses such as ourselves. We use the entrance to transport vessels up and down the eastern seaboard following manufacture at our Taree factory, often under hazardous conditions.

“Hopefully it won’t take a tragedy on the bar to expedite a long-overdue solution to the problem”, Mr Steber said.

More info: Boat Owners Association of NSW logo