BIA's new President Darren Vaux
BIA’s new President Darren Vaux

Much respected industry leader Alan Blake has stood down as president of the BIA after 6 years, and 9 years as a director prior to that. President Blake has presided over significant changes and challenges in the Association’s history through the merger of the Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales Associations, the challenging years for the Sydney International Boat Show during the redevelopment of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, enhancement and growth of the Brisbane & Adelaide Boat Shows, and the development of a new 5-year strategic plan for the Association to take it into the future. Alan Blake has been succeeded by long serving independent director Darren Vaux.

Alan Blake’s legacy will be felt with numerous announcements to be made in the coming months that will see beneficial returns for the broader community within the boating industry. Alan Blake said that “I am proud to have served the industry since 2004, and that during that time, I was pleased to have been able to perform in my duties at all times with the broader industry prosperity as my priority.”

Incoming President Darren Vaux has been a director of the BIA since 2005 and is a Past President of the BIA NSW, former Chairman of the Boating Industries Alliance Australia, former Chairman of the Marina Industry Association of NSW, Vice President of the Marina Industries Association, and Chair of the Maritime Advisory Council in NSW. Darren Vaux is also a member of the Board of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations.

Darren Vaux commended outgoing President Blake for his leadership, commitment and service to the Industry. “Alan Blake has shown great leadership and passion for our industry over many years. His commitment to and leadership of the BIA is an inspiration and I look forward to the challenge of building on his legacy with my fellow board members as we take the Association forward” Vaux said. “Boating and the Boating Industry are significant contributors to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians. With some 20% of Australians engaging with some form of watercraft activity each year it is incumbent upon us to make sure that boating remains accessible, affordable, safe and fun for all Australians. This is becoming an increasingly important escape in a modern society characterised by urbanisation, connectivity and regulation”, he said. “The whole team at the BIA dedicate themselves to sharing the joy of boating with as many people as possible”

The BIA’s boat show program kicks off with the Adelaide Boat Show starting 28 June 2019 followed by the Sydney International Boat Show and Brisbane Boat show in August.