How do you feed your yacht race crew? Arguing about what to buy and who cooks? Juggling random packets? Eating Mars Bars for 3 days? The Yacht Race Food range is the answer to your racing food needs.

Our individual meals are quick to heat in boiling water, nutritious and tasty. No mess, no washing up, no fuss. Robust packets can be stowed anywhere on the boat, no refrigeration required. No waste as any unused meals can be left on board and eaten on the next race.  

“The meals went very well, especially the chilli con carne. I would order again for the sheer convenience” said Mark, Clipper Ventures 5 first mate on the 2017 Hobart.

Also available is a range of 24 hour food packs. One pack gives a crew member three meals, snacks for helming or sitting on the rail and even includes tea and coffee.

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