The Modern Way to Own a Classic

Everybody loves a classic boat. They remind us of simpler times and great childhood memories but our modern busy lives make owning a classic boat more of a challenge than it used to be.

Classic boats require constant attention and investment to ensure they continue to look their best, so how do we address these issues? By sharing of course. Classic Boat Share is the inspiration of Nicky Vaux, Dealer Principal of Empire Boat Sales who sought a solution for those that love the idea of a classic boat but are a little daunted by the commitment of time and money needed to sustain them.

“The beauty of owning a share of a classic boat”, says Nicky, “is that the management team professionally maintain her to the standard required to ensure our classic fleet continues to thrive”.

Timber boats built some 50-80 years ago are quite simply stunning and we don’t want to lose them. They are part of our history as a boat building nation, part of our sea-loving culture, and with brands like Williams, Griffin and Halvorsen built right here in Sydney we enjoy some of the best boating waterways in the world. So often we hear recollections from clients of their days hiring a classic at Bobbin Head and the incredible memories they formed. Now our clients can own a part of that history and share the joy of ownership of a boat that, no matter what sort of boat she rafts up with, is always admired and perhaps even envied. 

At Classic Boat Share, our vision is to create shared ownership opportunities of classic boats of all sizes, in all sorts of locations, available for as many people as possible to enjoy boating. We already have boats available for inspection at Bobbin Head, the spiritual home of so many classic beauties, to continue creating those special memories. 

If you would like to know more simply go to or call Nicky on 0412 884 061 and you can also enjoy their lifestyle on Instagram or Facebook @classicboatshare

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