Yanmar powers Australia’s biggest cray boat

Commercial fishing is always challenging, whether on the water dealing with the elements to find and land a catch, or onshore dealing with the business of staying afloat.

As experienced operators like Western Australia’s Tebco Fisheries can attest, there is no ‘roadside service’ when you are 200 km from the nearest port.

Recently, Tebco commissioned its biggest boat, the ‘Holdfast’. At launch, Holdfast claimed the title of Australia’s biggest high speed cray boat. When designing the Holdfast, the focus was to build a boat that could land high quality catches at times when demand and prices are high. This can mean working at times and in places where fishing is harder than it otherwise might be.

When choosing engines for the fleet, performance and reliability are paramount, and serviceability is also a priority. Holdfast’s power comes from two Yanmar 911mhp 6AYM diesel engines. She uses that power to bring more than 200 baskets – up to 6.2 metric tonnes – of live crayfish to port.

Designs designed the Holdfast, and Dongara Marine built her. Dongara Marine is known for its resin-infused composite wheelhouses, which weigh less than glass or aluminium wheelhouses. They are also easier to maintain and better at supressing noise.

Tebco Fisheries owners are brothers Bruce and Jeff Cockman. They say working with Dongara Marine and its subcontractors was a smooth process. “We worked really well with the guys at both Southerly and Dongara Marine. They were extremely responsive to our input and everyone just got on with doing the right thing.”

Dongara Marine’s Rowan Warr says his company has a long relationship with Tebco Fisheries but Holdfast was the first new boat it built for them.

“They specified the Yanmar diesels for Holdfast. Tebco likes the simplicity of Yanmar’s mechanical control system. It is easier to service when you are miles offshore,” Rowan says.

Yanmar’s 6AYM diesel engines deliver exceptional fuel economy and lower emissions. New fuel injectors, combustion chamber and pistons contribute to low fuel consumption. Tebco Fisheries expects to save up to 15,000 litres of fuel a year with these engines in the Holdfast.

The 20-litre engines deliver high levels of power over a wide operating range, especially under load. A turbocharger minimises turbo lag and a new intercooler contributes to the 6AYM’s performance. Strong torque rise of more than 20 percent supports stable cruising speeds with minimal speed reduction during sudden load changes.

The 6AYM has low lubricating oil consumption (LOC) and long service and overhaul intervals. It can be matched with a range of propellers. Inspection and maintenance is straight forward. It is easy to replace the cartridge-type oil filters, and inspection windows on the side of the engine block allow on-site piston replacement if necessary.

Full mechanical engine management eliminates the risks posed by fragile electronic systems in difficult conditions and hot engine rooms.

On Holdfast, two MASE2510T gensets are coupled to the Yanmar engines. These power the radar and navigation systems plus other vital services such as lighting, the galley, CCTV monitoring and sonar systems.

“Holdfast has been very good,” Rohan Warr says. “Tebco Fisheries is very happy with the new boat and its build quality. If anything the performance has been much better than expected.

“Shortly after launch, some highly unusual operational conditions caused a small episode. It was unrelated to the integrity of the boat or the engines. Power Equipment’s WA service team and Senior Service Engineer Jim Kibblewhite quickly remedied it,” Rohan says.

“Their prompt and professional support was hugely appreciated. It complemented the overall collaborative effort that resulted in the ultimate success of the Holdfast.”

For more information:
http://www.powerequipment.com.au/products/sailing-engines/commercial-engines/6ay- series-659-911mhp/