Surepower PEC Module

With current 240Volt AC electrical safety rules and regulations for boats becoming increasing stricter, Keoghs Marine Electrics is proud to offer a real solution which improves electrical safety on vessels. The Surepower PEC Module is a Electronic monitoring self diagnostic module with LED indication senses the incoming 240 Volt AC Shore Power polarities and earth continuity. The three LED indicators advise if (1) Shore Power is Correct (2) Supply Polarity Faulty (3) Supply Earth Fault If the polarity is correct and the earth is present then the module will switch 240volts to energise a contactor allowing power to go to the switchboard giving you sure power. The LED display can also be also repeated in a second location i.e. At the Circuit Breaker board with an optional extra panel
The Polarity & Earth Continuity Module can be applied under the Australian Standard Wiring Rules for Pleasure craft section AS3004.2: 2008 S5.5.3.2 AC. (Protection against reversal of polarity in the supply lead) And The National Standard for commercial vessels NSCV Part C Section 5 Subsection 5B (Electrical) Paragraph 4.7.1.c (Shore Supply) The Surepower PEC Module is manufactured and complies with AS/NZS 3100:2002. Please note this device must be installed by a suitably licensed electrician. For further information on the Polarity & Earth Continuity Module please contact Keoghs Marine Electrics on (07) 55292544 or visit their website

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