Slow down and keep an eye out where vehicle ferries are about

Boaters are reminded to navigate safely near vehicle ferries, following reports of recent near misses on the Hawkesbury River.

Roads and Maritime Services Executive Director Maritime Angus Mitchell said reports of recent near misses of vehicle ferries must serve as a safety reminder for all boaters.

“Now it’s coming into the water skiing and recreational boating season, we are issuing a timely reminder for boaters to slow down and keep an eye out where vehicle ferries are about,” Mr Mitchell said.

“There are eleven vehicle ferry crossings across the state. Over the weekend, near misses have been reported on the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry.

“Vehicle ferries serve as an important mode of transport for motorists but they carry inherent dangers for skippers, water-skiers, and passengers.”

Mr Mitchell said the best way to stay safe is to keep an eye out for ferry crossing signs and slow down when approaching crossings.

“Vehicle ferries operate by cables that are mostly submerged and hidden from view. Crashing into one, especially at speed, is likely to have catastrophic consequences for you and you passengers.

“There are signs before every ferry crossing to warn skippers, so when you see the sign that is when you need to slow down and keep an eye out.

“We want everyone to enjoy themselves on our waterways, but we need all boaters to do so responsibly,” he said.

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