RTM partners with Warby Motorsport in anticipation of smashing the World Record

Warby Motorsport is proud to announce a partnership with Road Tech Marine (RTM) to support the bid for the new Outright Unlimited World Water Speed record.

David Warby will set out to break his father’s 40-year record of 317mph (511kmph) in December 2018 on Blowering dam, NSW. Ken Warby is currently the only man in history to design, build and drive a boat to an Outright, Unlimited World Water Speed Record; he is also the only man alive to ever hold this record. David’s ambition is to not only defeat his father’s record, but to achieve 560 KMPH to become the new world champion.

As a specialist boat craftsman, Dave Warby and team looked to engage partners with synergetic views. RTM is a specialist Marine Tech store, who carry many of the parts and specialist equipment the Warby team require for the jet-boat, SPIRIT2. The local RTM store in Newcastle is frequented regularly by the team in a bid to ensure all safety measures are met and modifications can be made. Hence a partnership with RTM was a natural fit for Warby Motorsports.

*It’s all about slowly building up the speeds and continuously testing the boat and her responses to our modifications as we push her faster. RTM bring an extra level of expertise, trust and network to our team to ensure safety during speed trials.”
Dave Warby

RTM is a relative newcomer to the Marine and Road enthusiast market, started in 2013 by Gary Johnston post the success of his JAYCAR specialist electronic stores.

“I watched intently when Ken Warby crucified Donald Campbell’s record back in 77 and set the current world record in 78. I am now delighted to come onboard as a major sponsor with RTM. RTM specialises in providing solutions for all marine expedition and road-trip needs and we do mean all, having developed specialist solutions for the record attempt with SPIRIT2.”
Gary Johnston

“We’re just a team of regular hard-working Aussie blokes chasing a massive dream, and having the support and specialist knowledge of Gary and RTM team, goes a long towards realising that dream.”
Dave Warby

Ken Warby added *The RTM crew really are the best fit technically for the boat and team, adding a range of safety and measuring instruments to keep Dave and the team safe in the bid, as his Dad, I*m pretty happy with that!*
Ken Warby OAM

Warby and the team have 4 more trials runs at Blowering Dam in 2018 before showcasing the boat at the Sydney International Boat Show, followed by the world record attempt in December.

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