Remote alert system will warn of unexpected events on board your boat

Trek Transponder is an Australian-made boat monitoring and alarm device designed to send an SMS alarm to boat owners in the event of something unexpected happening on board a
vessel while it is unattended. As a result, owners receive an early, rapid alert of unforeseen events such as batteries running low or broken moorings, enabling them to take action before the situation becomes too serious – or expensive.

The Australian Company has been established for three years and now boasts over 1,000 happy and contented boat owners!

The unit can be set up to monitor a whole range of different events, depending on the sensors installed. These include monitoring battery levels if they are not charging or if the shore power fails, monitoring bilge levels in case the vessel is taking in water, and monitoring movement with a built-in accelerometer which senses a boat’s motion – pitch and roll - to check if it is listing or being impacted by weather conditions.

The unit can also track the GPS location of the boat to alert the owner if it has been stolen or come loose from its moorings. Other monitors include fridge temperature, smoke or heat detection, any unexpected opening of a hatch or door, and even a motion sensor and cameras to detect intruders.

The Trek Transponder can be set up to send an alert at any time of day or night to up to six people. The system uses 4G SMS to send out alerts rather than sending a notification to an app because SMS is regarded as faster and more reliable than internet communication. Users can also send an SMS to the onboard unit to request a status check or to be sent a picture from a camera. The cameras can also be set up to automatically send a picture in the event of an alarm being triggered.

The Trak Transponder offers huge peace of mind for all boat owners at a very reasonable price.

The Australian National Maritime Museum has Trek Transponder on 12 vessels in their fleet.

The unit can be installed by any suitably skilled boat owner. In addition, there are marine electricians throughout Australia who can install.

The unit comes with a 24-month warranty.
Victorian Sales Contact: Jim Richardson
0418 521 315

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